So, I was messing around with the themes and that’s why my website looks different 😦 I MISS MY OLD THEME SO FRIKIN MUCH 😥 But I’ll live… I hope… *mourns loss of beautiful layout* 

Anyway 👻 I’m currently OBSESSED with suicide squad (Harley Quinn is awesomeeeee) and I’ve been wearing my hair in pigtails the past few days 😛 I might get a Harley Quinn bomber jacket



HVegDQ8Q_AUIBigB&safe=active&ssui=on#imgrc=ePbpUo4pB8oZRM%3A They’re like $80 at Hot Topic (( I LOVE HOT TOPIC SO MUCH ❤ ))

So yeah, I’m thinking of more stuff to post 🙂 Keep checking for updates ❤



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