Websites I <3 LOVE

www. (a super cool website kinda like instagram, there are some weird things on there, but as long as you stay away from them it’s a fun website) (whenever you’re bored, click the button… problem solved. It supplys you with a random website for your bordem.) (has all the emojis ever! Helps for computer users 🙂 ) (also for computer users that don’t have a camera with video recorder, this is a video recorder with tons of filters, and you can even combine two filters at once!) (for all your gif needs! Tons of gifs, in one place. (this is honestly s helpful because it tells you several holidays that you probably didn’t even know were on that day! There are way more holidays than you think, so if you want to know some, check this website out and it will tell you multiple holidays on that day.)

Websites I <3 LOVE

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