Wake up, think about him. Go to school, think about him. Go to lunch, not hungry. Study hall, too tired. Go home, run to my room, throw myself in bed and cry. Try to do homework, too many thoughts. Sob while doing homework, hey at least I’m getting it done. Binge eat, even though I’m not hungry. Now it’s time for dinner. Well, I just ate a chocolate bar and a half a bag of cheetos so, not hungry. Watch youtube, get bored. Go to bed early, just so I can have time to cry alone. Cry myself to sleep. Wake up in the morning, and I do it again. Without him, I have no happiness, no reason to laugh, nothing to do when I get home. I can feel happy, but when the happiness is gone, he is all I can think about. My friends don’t understand, or really care. So I pretend I’m not breaking inside, trying not to scream, trying not to break out in long hideous sobs. Without him I’m weak. I’m tired. My eyes hurt and are dry from crying. All I want right now is to have him back. 😥 😥

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