Aura Colors And Meanings

Hello Guys It Is Evaaaaaaaaaaaah ♥

I thought it would be helpful to make a post about what aura colors there are and what they mean.

An Aura is an “atmosphere of light” surrounding a person, it expresses feeling and personality. The picture below shows what an aura looks like, but no one can really see auras in real life, they are just there⬇️


Red Aura~

  • enthusiastic
  • energetic
  • quick to anger (most likely)
  • willing to sacrifice time and energy for others
  • direct
  • leader

Orange Aura~

  • generous
  • social
  • don’t care if they are getting attention or sitting alone
  • can sense and feel others emotions (empathy)
  • charming
  • confident
  • can lose temper easily but quick to forgive

Yellow Aura~

  • logical
  • intelligent
  • happy with being lonely
  • when stressed, they can become depressed and isolate themselves
  • usually work harder than they need to
  • inventor

Green Aura~

  • really creative
  • like perfection
  • eye for beauty (enjoys dressing up)
  • respected
  • admired
  • balance
  • chooses their friends carefully
  • loves nature and outdoors

Blue Aura~

  • able to communicate ideas easily
  • could make a good writer
  • intelligent
  • inspiring
  • good at organizing
  • peacemaker
  • could work too much and forget about the world around them

Purple Aura~

  • “physic” (can feel each others emotions (empathy))
  • likes learning new things
  • interesting
  • creative mind
  • admired and loved
  • connected with animals
  • connected with nature

omgfatmarshmellowdudeSo There…. Now you know about six different types of aura colors :#

Aura Colors And Meanings

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